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10 Myths About the NSA Debunked


This is a FANTASTIC list, and extremely well-sourced. Here are the 10 pro-NSA arguments which get demolished:

  1. NSA surveillance is legal.
  2. If I’ve done nothing wrong, I have nothing to hide. So why should I care about any of this?
  3. But the media says the NSA only collects my “phone metadata,” so I’m safe.
  4. Aren’t there are already checks and balances in our system to protect us against NSA overreach?
  5. But I trust Obama (Bush, the next president) on this. 
  6. But don’t private companies like Facebook already have access to and share a lot of my personal data? So what’s wrong with the government having it, too?
  7. All this surveillance is distasteful and maybe even illegal, but isn’t it necessary to keep us safe? Isn’t it for our own good? Haven’t times changed and shouldn’t we acknowledge that?
  8. Terrorists are everywhere and dangerous.
  9. We’ve stayed safe. Doesn’t that just prove all the government efforts have worked?
  10. But doesn’t protecting America come first — before anything?

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More Than Two: Examining the Myths and Facts of Polyamory — Everyday Feminism

"We live in a society in which monogamous pairing is the norm.

We’re taught to desire and seek one other person – namely, our “soulmate,” the one person who will make us whole and happy. And supposedly, when we find that person, we will no longer have desires for others.

This kind of thinking is what Dean Spade calls the “romance myth” – the heterosexual monogamous romance that all women should naturally desire.

Because we are socialized in a culture that teaches us that monogamy is right and natural, monogamy is often not a conscious choice for people, but is more of a default for how to be in relationships.”

- an educational article that is important in the times when mono-normativity is just another platform for discrimination, even less critically assessed than hetero-normativity.

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A writer needs four things to achieve greatness, Pasquale: desire, disappointment, and the sea."

“That’s only three.”

Alvin finished his wine: “You have to do disappointment twice.
Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins. 

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